FAQs for New (and Old!) Residents

Dear New Resident of Sandwich:

On behalf of the City of Sandwich, I want to welcome you to our “fair” city. Whether you come from a large city or a small town, you will find that Sandwich offers a high quality of life which is enhanced by its schools, churches and service organizations.
The city is presently experiencing significant growth. As you drive around, you will notice evolving commercial and residential development. We are pleased that Sandwich is continuing to grow and develop, while yet retaining its historical heritage. The Sandwich city offices are located in an 1879 City Hall/Opera House. This building was completely restored in 1979 and is on the National Register of Historic Buildings.
What really makes our community great are the people! I hope you will become familiar with the city and will join us for various community celebrations held throughout the year. Citizen participation is strong in Sandwich and we encourage you to become involved!
Following are some frequently asked questions our office has received from other new residents. Our city’s government is here to serve. If you have questions or concerns regarding services provided by the city, please feel free to give us a call at 815-786-9321. The City Clerk’s office is open Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The office is closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Welcome to Sandwich!

Yours truly,
Denise Ii
City Clerk


Q         Who do I contact for services and utilities?

A          For water and sewer service, contact the City of Sandwich at 815-786-9321 or stop in at City Hall, 144 E. Railroad Street. For other services and utilities, contact the following:

Cable Television:        Comcast - 866-594-1234

Electric:                     ComEd - 800-334-7661

Garbage & Waste:       Community Disposal - 815-786-7151

                                  Groot – 800-244-1977

                                  DC Trash of IL – 815-758-7274

                                  Waste Management - 800-747-2278

Gas:                            Nicor - 888-642-6748

Newspaper:                 Sandwich Record (Shaw Media) 866-445-6258

Telephone:                  Frontier – 877-559-4107


Q         Does the city provide garbage collection?

A          Residents need to arrange their own garbage service; the city does not provide garbage collection.  There are currently four licensed waste handlers serving our community (see above).  Residents should contact the hauler of their choice for further information.

Q         When is my water/sewer bill due?

A          Water and sewer is billed quarterly (every three months).   The quarter in which you receive your bill depends on your address.  You will receive a bill indicating the amount and date due, as well as the number of gallons of water consumed.  Feel free to contact our Utility Billing Clerk (786-9321) to determine when your water/sewer bills are due.

            Quarterly bills are mailed the first day of the month and are due by the last day of the month.  We will assess a late penalty of $10 on any account where payment in full is not received by the due date.  Please note that the city cannot accept responsibility for payments received after the due date which are due to circumstances beyond our control.

Q         Can my water service be turned off for non-payment?

A          Pursuant to city ordinance Sec. 78-74, accounts not paid in full within 45 days after the quarterly billing shall have services disconnected.  Service shall not be reinstated until such time that the bill is paid in full, together with a payment made of $60 for discontinued (shut-off) and reinstating (turn-on) of the service.

Q         What can I do if I am having difficulty paying my water/sewer bill?

A          The City of Sandwich understands that consumers may, from time to time, experience financial hardships that make it difficult to pay their water/sewer bill on time.  In a spirit of cooperation, we offer customized payment agreements that enable residents to gradually pay delinquent charges while maintaining water service.  Please contact the City Clerk’s office (786-9321) prior to your billing due date to inquire about a customized payment agreement.

Q         Where do I pay my water/sewer bill?

A          Water and sewer payments may be mailed to the City Clerk’s office, 144 E. Railroad Street, or  you may stop by Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The entrance to the clerk’s office faces Pearl Street.  After office hours, payments may be dropped in our secure lock box located on Railroad Street.  We now accept credit cards for payments being made at the front counter.

Q         Why is my water bill higher than normal?

A          Water and sewer is billed every three months and based on consumption. The more water you use, the higher your bill. Please be aware of your water usage. If you have an unusually high bill, check your  toilets,  water  softener or  humidifier  for problems. Perhaps you used water outside on your lawn, garden or flowers. Once you’ve exhausted all avenues of problems in your home, feel free to contact our water department (786-9321) and we will be happy to assist you.

Check all faucets for drips. Replace worn and leaking washers, gaskets, pipes or defective fixtures. A leak just 1/32 inches in diameter consumes 264 gallons per day or 7920 gallons per month!

Check toilets for leaks--they are the most common cause of high bills! Do you ever have to jiggle the toilet handle to stop it from running? 

Place a few drops of food coloring in the toilet tank after it has filled. Do not flush the toilet for at least 15 minutes (or overnight if possible). If the food coloring shows up in the bowl without flushing, the toilet has a leak.

Q         How do I go about getting a second water meter?

A          The City of Sandwich offers customers the option of having a second meter on their outdoor water hookups. This involves one meter that measures indoor water consumption  and one meter that measures outdoor use. On the second outside meter, water is billed once a year and there is no sewer billing.  

            During the summer months, consumers water lawns, gardens, wash cars, fill pools and use water for other outdoor activities. With a second meter, since this water does not enter into the wastewater treatment system, sewer costs are not applied. The cost for a second meter is $250 plus $25 for the plumbing inspection. Water meters may be picked up at City Hall and should be installed by a licensed plumber.

            Consumers may want to research to determine if their costs for purchasing a second meter will benefit them or not. Current water and sewer rates may be found on the back of your water bill, or you may phone the City Clerk’s office at 786-9321 for rates or more information.

Q         I’m just moving across town. Do I need to make the City Clerk’s office aware of this?

A          Whether you’re brand new to the city or just moving across town, please keep in mind that you must notify our office of any changes to your address. Beginning and final water meter reads must be completed when there are any changes. Phone 786-9321 to make arrangements prior to your move.

Q         I’m a new landlord/apartment manager. Do I need to make the City Clerk’s office aware of this?

A          Yes - and please be responsible and notify our department of name and address changes for your tenants as they occur. With the large number of renters moving in and out of the city, it is your responsibility to verify that the information we have on record for utility billing is correct.

Q         I’m a snowbird and I’ll be away for a few months. Do I need to make the City Clerk’s office aware of this?

A          Persons who are absent from their residence for an extended period of time can notify us of this fact. That way, when a “red flag” alerts us that your water consumption has decreased dramatically, we will be aware that it is not due to a faulty meter read.

            Snowbirds can also notify the Police Department (786-7261) and allow them to check your home while you are gone.

Q         Does my group need a permit to go door-to-door to solicit funds?

A          In order to protect residents from scam artists or pesky salesmen, the City Council has established an ordinance covering Canvassers and Solicitors. An application must be made in writing to the City Clerk and fee of $25 paid for each solicitor or peddler. The application will be forwarded to the Police Department, whereby the Chief of Police  will approve or disapprove the application based on the information received. No soliciting is allowed before 8 a.m. or after 8 p.m.

Q         What projects require a building permit?

A          To ensure compliance with the building code, permits are required for most construction projects, including room additions, decks, porches and patios, demolition, excavating, fences, adding a garage, building a new house, building a shed and swimming pools.  Re-roofing requires a permit only if it involves replacement of the wood roof  sheathing (plywood) or the  structure  of the roof is being altered.

            Businesses should be aware that permits are needed for installing or moving signs, as well as canopies or awnings. Anytime the use of the structure is being changed (such as changing a warehouse to a restaurant) a permit is required.

            If you have questions whether or not a permit is required, phone the Building and Zoning Department at 786-8802. Permit applications may be picked up at City Hall, 144 E. Railroad Street.

Q         What do I need to open a business in the city?

A          An application for a license should be made in writing to the City Clerk if you plan to sell, conduct, or operate any of the following: scavenger service, bed and breakfast establishment, cigarettes, juke box, pool table, dancing, amusement device, bowling alley, trailer court, street vendor or taxi cab. Although the city does not issue business licenses, restaurant and retail food establishments must follow state and county codes and contact DeKalb County Health Department (815-758-6673) to determine what requirements are in effect. All businesses should check with the city’s zoning department (786-8802) to confirm the type of establishment proposed is allowed under the city’s zoning and building ordinance. Provide the Police Department (786-7261) with after hour’s phone numbers for your business. 

Q         Do I need a permit to hold a yard or garage sale?

A          Although no permit is required, be courteous of your neighbors and remember that posting your signs on public property, such as light posts, telephone poles and other traffic control devices is not permitted, nor is posting signs on private property without getting permission from the property owner. Signs should be removed no more than one day after the event.

Please help make our community pedestrian friendly.

Make sure your car does not block the sidewalk.

Q         The sidewalk in front of my house is in poor shape. What can be done?

A          The City Council has established a program by which property owners can receive assistance in getting deteriorated sidewalks replaced. It’s popularly called the 50/50 Program because upon approval, the city will pay for the cost of the concrete and the property owner is then responsible for the labor portion by either furnishing the labor or hiring and paying for a contractor to do the work. This comes to roughly a 50/50 split of the costs.
            Residents who notice sidewalks with defects, in poor repair, blocked in any way, or not handicap accessible, should report the situation to City Hall. Repair work for these types of defects may qualify under the city’s Safety Sidewalk Program.

Q         What is the city’s “Brush Pick-Up Program”?

A          The Public Works Department has free curbside brush collection April through October. Brush collection will be offered once a month, beginning the first Monday of each month, by ward. Residents in Ward 1 will have brush picked up the first week of each month, residents in Ward 2 the second week of each month, residents in Ward 3 the third  week of each month and residents in Ward 4 the fourth week of each month.

            Branches and limbs ½ inch to 4 inches in diameter and 2 feet to 4 feet in length can be placed at the curb for pick-up. Please note the following exceptions: Brush that is tangled or unmanageable will not be collected. Brush which results from contracted services will not be picked up,  as it is the responsibility of the contractor  to remove and dispose of such material. Grass clippings, leaves, shrubs, vines and brush less than ½ inch in diameter is considered yard waste and will not be picked up.

            Please have all brush at the curb  or shoulder by 7:00 a.m. Monday (or Tuesday if Monday is a holiday) of the week of collection. There is no need to phone ahead for the pick-up.

Q         Can we burn leaves in the city?

A          City ordinance requires that you may only burn limited amounts of paper, cardboard, dry leaves or other combustible material in a wire mesh burner as long as the material is dry and does not create an offensive odor, nuisance or fire hazard due to location or wind. Dry leaves may also be burned on a driveway, garden area, or other open area. A responsible adult person must be present and attend the fire at all times until fully extinguished. The hours of burning are 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  

            It is unlawful to burn wet cardboard or paper, rags, feathers, wet or green leaves, green weeds or grass at any time. The burning of any material such as rubber, tires, leather, tar paper, old batteries or any material which emits an offensive odor when burned is unlawful. It is unlawful to burn any material on any of the public streets, pavements, curbing, sidewalks, parkways or alleys in the city.   

            In past years, the City Council has spent numerous hours looking at costs related to leaf handling. As the city continues to grow, we believe, at some future point, additional action regarding leaf burning will be needed.

Q         What are the city’s noise regulations? How early can construction crews start working? How early in the morning can I mow my lawn?

A          The city’s noise ordinance, Section 50-64, states it is unlawful for any person, firm or corporation within the city to cause unnecessary or loud noises which annoy or disturb the comfort of residents before 7:00 a.m. or after 9:00 p.m. on any day of the week. If you experience a problem, call the Police Department at 786-7261.

Please respect the green areas, detention areas and retention ponds by not riding 3-wheel and ATV vehicles on them.

Help us keep the sod and grass in these areas in good condition!

Q         Who do I report a street light problem to?

A          If you notice a street  light that is  not working,  perhaps it is flickering or completely out, call City Hall at 786-9321 and advise us of the  location. (After  office hours,  please leave a message on our voice mail.) We will, in turn, notify the electric company. ComEd has provided “trouble-shooting” forms whereby we can fax the information directly to them.

Q         Who do I call in case of a power outage?

A          In case of a power failure, such as during a storm, call ComEd at 1-800-334-7661 to report the outage.

Q         When does the city sound its emergency siren?

A          Several warning sirens are located around the city to alarm residents of emergency weather. Our Sandwich EMA staff, in conjunction with our Police Department, will only sound the emergency siren when a situation is determined to be a threat to Sandwich. By sounding the siren only when the city is in the path of a severe storm or tornado, we know you will understand its severe meaning and react appropriately when you hear it. The sound of the siren indicates that you and your family should seek safety and shelter immediately. For additional information, please contact the EMA at EMA@sandwich.il.usPlease be aware the emergency sirens are tested the first Tuesday morning each month, weather permitting.

Q         Who should I contact when I see something out of the ordinary in my neighborhood?

A          We ask that everyone take a proactive role in the preservation of our neighborhoods and report any and all activities of a suspicious nature to the  Police  Department as  soon as possible. The non-emergency number is 786-7261 and, of course, you can always call 911 in the event of an emergency. The police department is located at 308 E. College Street.

Be aware of public safety vehicles.

Pull to the right for sirens and lights.


Q         Where do I go to pay a parking ticket?

A          Parking tickets can be paid at the City Clerk’s office, 144 E. Railroad Street or the Police Department.

Q         What is the city’s policy regarding snow removal?

A          The city asks everyone (commercial and residential) who plows snow not to push it into the street or city right-of-way.  When you clear your drive, the snow should be kept on your property. In the event of a snow fall of 2” or more, in order to allow the snow plows a chance to remove the snow and do a thorough job, please do not park your vehicles on a public street.  Since U.S. Route 34 is a State route, our City Street Department is not allowed to plow this highway. The State has their manpower and equipment to do this.

Maintaining your property and respecting the property of

others is the responsibility of each and every citizen.

Q         Does my pet have to be on a leash?

A          In respect to your neighbors, please control your animals’ barking and adhere to our law requiring all pets (dogs and cats) be on a leash whenever the pet is off the owner’s property. Stray and loose animals will be picked up and taken to the Sandwich Veterinary Hospital.  A redemption fee of $75 will be imposed on the pet owner and must be paid at the City Clerk’s office before the animal is released to the owner’s custody.

Q         What can be done about cleaning up my neighborhood?

A          Each year, especially in the spring, our police department sends hundreds of letters with reference to mowing grass, junk vehicles, cars without current licenses, and cleaning up property. We would ask everyone to look at their own yards and see if there is a way to tidy them up. This includes cutting tall weeds around fences, wood piles, garages and other structures.

            City ordinance states weeds and grass cannot exceed eight (8) inches in height. If a resident receives a letter for not complying with the city’s ordinance, they have ten (10) days to mow before they are cited with a violation or before the city mows at the owner’s expense. It’s important to realize that on the advice of our attorney and due to state statutes, we are required to give notice before taking further action.

            If you feel you have a neighborhood problem, we urge you to contact your alderman, ask him to follow up on your request, and then report back to you on how the problem will be resolved.

Q         Where is City Hall located?

A          The mailing  address for City Hall is 144 E. Railroad Street, Sandwich, IL 60548. City Hall is located in the historic Opera House, and the  entrance faces  Pearl Street. The Mayor’s office,  City Clerk and Building/Zoning/Engineering offices are housed at City Hall. The phone number is 815-786-9321. Feel free to also contact us by email at city.clerk@sandwich.il.us.

Q         Who are my elected officials?

A          Sandwich residents are represented by their elected municipal officials.  The city has a full-time mayor, who serves a four-year term, and is responsible for day-to-day operations at City Hall.   Mayoral duties include preparing the annual budget and presenting it to the city council for approval,  promoting the city’s economic development and meeting with developers, appointing department heads and members to several citizen boards and commissions, validating bonds and contracts approved by the council, representing the city at official functions and generally overseeing all city functions.  The mayor is available to receive your comments and suggestions and may be reached at City Hall during the day, phone 786-9321.

            Aldermen are elected officials who serve four year terms. Serving on the City Council, they are the legislative and policy-making body of city government. The City Council approves all spending and the city budget, regulates land use, approves the hiring of all city employees, sets city policy by passing ordinances and resolutions and authorizes contracts on behalf of the city. There are two aldermen for each ward. As a resident of Sandwich, any concerns or complaints you may have you should feel free to contact an alderman in your ward:

Mayor – Richard Robinson, 621 E. Pleasant Avenue, 815-786-6167

Ward 1 – Les Redden, 914 Deer Run Trail, 815-786-1600
Ward 1 - Richard Robinson, 621 E. Pleasant Avenue, 815-786-6167

Ward 2 - Cara Killey, 323 N. Wolfe Street, 815-786-8941
Ward 2 - Kevin Kelleher, 704 N. Green Street,  630-742-8162

Ward 3 - Shane Surratt, 92 Edgebrook Drive, 815-712-0209
Ward 3 – Pete Dell, 305 Edgebrook Drive, 815-325-5623

Ward 4 - Fred Kreinbrink, 110 Kees Lane, 630-327-0706
Ward 4 - Sheryl Chmielewski, 1065 Karen Road, 815-570-2010

Q         What ward am I in?

A          Ward 1 - Residents living on the east side of Main Street and the north side of Third Street

            Ward 2 - Residents living on the west side of Main Street and the north side of Third Street

            Ward 3 - Residents living on the west side of Main Street and the south side of Third Street

            Ward 4 - Residents living on the east side of Main Street and the south side of Third Street

Q         When and where are City Council meetings held?

A          The Sandwich City Council meets for formal business sessions on the second and fourth Monday each month at 7:00 p.m. The meetings are held in the Council Chambers, located in the City Hall Annex, 128 E. Railroad Street. The meetings are open to the public.

Q         May I bring an item of concern to the Council at a meeting?

A          If you have a matter that is relevant to city government and would like to address the council, you may call the City Clerk (786-9321) and ask to be placed on the next Committee agenda. Please call at least four days prior to the meeting date. Committee-of-the-Whole meetings are held on the first and third Monday each month at 7:00 p.m. These are work and discussion sessions. Matters discussed in length at the committee meeting are often placed on the next regular council meeting agenda to be voted on.

Q         I’m unable to attend Council meetings, but would like to know what happens. How can I find out?

A          The agenda for the Council meeting is posted on the bulletin board in the  City Hall  Annex  building (and  can be viewed from the window)  & the City’s website at least 48 hours in advance of Monday’s 7 p.m. meeting.

            In addition, Minutes are taken at each meeting. The Minutes are the official record of the proceedings. The Minutes will be approved and accepted by the Council at the next scheduled Council meeting. Once the Minutes have been approved, they will be available on the web site. Just go to www.sandwich.il.us and click on “City Council Meeting Minutes.” If you do not have access to a computer, phone the  City Clerk’s office (786-9321) and we will be happy to provide you with a copy of the requested Minutes. You may also stop in at City Hall during office hours and view any current or past Minutes.

Q         Where can I look up a city ordinance?

A          The Municipal Code Book for the city of Sandwich contains ordinances adopted and enacted by the City Council. Copies of the Code Book are available at City Hall for persons to examine.  The Municipal Code may also be viewed on-line. Residents are always welcome to call the City Clerk’s office if they have a question about a specific city ordinance, and we will be happy to forward a copy of that ordinance to you.

Q         Where can I go to register to vote?

A          Residents not already registered to vote and desiring to do so may stop by City Hall and see one of the Deputy Registrars. Registration requirements are that a person must be 18 years or older, must be a resident for at least 30 days preceding any election, and must be a citizen of the United States. Persons must provide two forms of identification, one of which must contain the current address of the registrant. Voter registration always closes 28 days prior to an election and re-opens two days after the election.

Q         Does the City Clerk’s office provide notary service?

A          The City provides notary services to its residents. There are notaries available at City Hall for your convenience at no charge. A notary is actually witnessing you sign a document and not verifying the accuracy of the document being signed. Do not pre-sign your document before coming into a notary’s office. A notary cannot “certify” a true copy of your document. That needs to be taken care of at the place of origin of the document.

Q         How do I obtain a copy of my Birth Certificate or Death Certificate or obtain a Marriage License?

A          Copies of birth and death certificates and marriage licenses from DeKalb County are obtained from the DeKalb County Clerk and Recorder’s Office, at 110 E. Sycamore Street in Sycamore, or by calling 815-895-7149.  For documents from Kendall County phone the County Clerk at 630-553-4104, and from LaSalle County phone the County Clerk at 815-434-8202.

Q         Who do I call about a question on my tax bill?

A          Tax billing and payment questions for residents in DeKalb County should be directed to the DeKalb County Treasurer, 110 E. Sycamore Street, Sycamore, IL 60178 or by calling 815-895-7112.  Kendall County residents should contact the Kendall County Treasurer, 111 Fox Street, Yorkville, IL 60560 or by calling 630-553-4124

Q         Who do I call about a question regarding my home’s assessment?

A          The township assessor can explain how your assessment was determined. Persons should also contact the Township Assessor to sign up for the Homestead Exemption and Senior Homestead Exemption.  For residents in DeKalb County, questions may be directed to Sandwich Township Assessor Sheila Johnson, 201 W. Center Street, Sandwich, IL 60548 or by calling 815-786-2828.  For those Sandwich residents whose homes are in Kendall County, contact Marie Bracken, Little Rock Township Assessor, 12 Sweetbriar Place, Plano, IL 60545, or phone 630-552-3328.

Q         Where do my children attend school?

A          Sandwich Community Unit School District #430 can be reached at 815-786-2187. The central office for the school district is located at 720 S. Wells Street. Phone the central office or visit their web site at www.sandwich430.org if you have any questions.

Q         When is the Sandwich Fair held each year?

A          The Sandwich Fair boasts the largest number of exhibitor entries of any Illinois fair and is always held Wednesday through Sunday following Labor Day. The Sandwich Fair is the oldest and longest continuous fair in the Midwest. For further information, telephone the  Sandwich  Fair Association office at 815-786-2159 or email info@sandwichfair.com. Visit their web page at www.sandwichfair.com

Q         When are the Antique Markets held?

A          Visitors travel far and wide to the City of Sandwich for the monthly antique shows at the Sandwich Fairgrounds. These are held on the second Sunday of each month, May through October, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. For more information call 815-784-5983 or visit www.sundayatsandwichantiques.com or e-mail sundayantiquesandwich@gmail.com

Q         How can I get tickets for an event at the Opera House?

A          The Opera House of Sandwich can be reached at 786-2555 Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to noon and 1:00 to 4:30 p.m. Visit their web site at www.sandwichoperahouse.com

Q         How do I contact the Chamber of Commerce?

A          The Sandwich Area Chamber of Commerce is located at 128 E. Railroad Street, Sandwich, IL 60548, and can be reached at 815-786-9075. Visit their web site at www.sandwich-il.org. Many local events held throughout the year are publicized through the Chamber’s office.

Q         How can I arrange for a tour of the Stone Mill Museum?

A          The Stone Mill Museum is open Sundays, 1:00 to 4:00 p.m., April 1st through October. The building holds a great deal of important Sandwich history, and now serves as home to the Sandwich Historical Society. For tours phone 786-2092 or 786-7936.

Q         Where is the hospital?

A          Valley West Community Hospital is located on the north side of the city at 1302 N. Main Street. Their phone number is 786-8484

Q         Where is the library?

A          Sandwich District Library is located at 925 S. Main Street.  For information and hours phone 786-8308 or vwww.sandwich.lib.il.us

Q         Who do I contact about Craft Shows in Sandwich?

A          The popular Fall Festival of Crafts is always held the last Thursday in September at the Sandwich Fairgrounds. Vendors may contact Karen Hill, 815-498-9688. That same day, there are numerous other craft shows throughout the town:   

Crafts under the Big Top (downtown) - call 815-786-9404

Crafts at Indian Springs Shopping Center - call 630-669-5046

Crafts at Dogwood - call 815-786-8409

Crafts at Willow Crest - call  815-786-8426

            The annual Easter in the Country (always the second full weekend in March) and     Christmas in the Country (always the second full weekend in November) are held at the schools. Vendors may call 630-466-4546 or 630-301-1789.

Q         Do I need a vehicle sticker?

A          The City of Sandwich does not require residents to purchase or display a vehicle sticker.                                       

Q         Where is the nearest Driver’s License Facility?

A          The nearest location to obtain or change your driver’s license is in  Plano, five  miles east of  Sandwich, at 712 E. Route 34.   The phone number is 630-552-4128.  There is also a Driver’s License Examining Station in Mendota, 25 miles west of Sandwich.  That phone number is 815-539-7849.

Q         Are there any services for senior citizens in town?

A          Fox Valley Older Adults Services (FVOAS) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing programs and services to improve and enrich the lives of senior citizens allowing them to remain in their homes and participate in community life.  Phone 815-786-9404 or visit their web site at www.fvoas.org.

Q         Does the city maintain the Sannauk Forest Preserve?

A          DeKalb County Forest Preserve District was established to provide recreational opportunities and preserve the area’s natural plant and animal life.  The Forest Preserve District can be reached at 815-895-7191.  You can enjoy fishing in the creek in the summer or sledding in the winter at Sannuak Forest Preserve (between Sandwich and Somonauk).  For shelter reservations at Sannauk, contact Steve Wade, 815-498-3086.

Q         Is there a “Community Band” in Sandwich?

A          The Indian Valley Community Band is open to all area musicians.  Call Carol at 815-786-8700 for additional information.

Q         Is there a “Computer Club” in Sandwich?

A          The Sandwich Computer User Group (SCUG) has been in existence since 1985 and meets the third Thursday of each month at 7 p.m.  It is open to all computer skills levels and believes in the philosophy of sharing, education and friendship.  Visit their web site www.scug.org.



City Council Meeting
2nd and 4th Monday of each month, 7:00 p.m.
City Hall Annex Council Chambers
128 E. Railroad Street

Committee-as-a-Whole Council Meeting
1st and 3rd Monday of each month, 7:00 p.m.
City Hall Annex Council Chambers
128 E. Railroad Street

Plan Commission
2nd Tuesday of each month, 7:30 p.m.
City Hall Annex Council Chambers
128 E. Railroad Street

Zoning Board of Appeals
4th Tuesday of each month, 7:30 p.m.
City Hall Annex Council Chambers
128 E. Railroad Street

Emergency Management Agency
2nd Sunday of each month, 7:00 p.m.
Emergency Operations Center
207 E. Railroad Street

Sandwich Community Fire Protection District
1st Tuesday of each month; call for time
Fire & EMS Station
310 E. Railroad Street

Minutes from the City Council and Committee-as-a-Whole Meetings may be viewed at www.sandwich.il.us

Minutes from the Sandwich Community Fire Protection District may be viewed at www.sandwichfd.org

The Municipal Code (ordinances) for the City of Sandwich
may be viewed at www.sandwich.il.us


Ambulance/Fire/Police                   911

Fire - Non-Emergency                         786-9241

Police - Non-Emergency                     786-7261

Crime Stopper                                     815-895-3272

Poison Control Center                          800-942-5969

Valley West Hospital                            786-8484

Sandwich Area Chamber of Commerce          786-9075

Sandwich City Hall and City Clerk       786-9321

Sandwich Economic Development     786-6789

Sandwich Engineering/Bldg Dept.      786-8802

Sandwich EMA                                   786-2261

Sandwich Fair Association                  786-2159

Sandwich Library                                 786-8308

Sandwich Mayor’s Office                     786-9321

Sandwich Opera House                                   786-2555

Sandwich Park District Office              786-8044

Sandwich Post Office                          786-6716

Sandwich Public Works Dept.              786-9321

Sandwich Record Newspaper              630-553-7034

Sandwich Township Assessor               786-2828

Sandwich Township Cemetery            786-2751
(Oak Ridge and Pratt Cemeteries)

Sandwich Water & Sewer                    786-9321

Comcast - Cable Services                   866-594-1234 

ComEd - Electric Service                    800-334-7661

Community Disposal                            815-786-7151

Complete Sanitation                           630-552-9640

DC Trash of Illinois                              815-758-7274

Groot Recycling                                 877-775-1200

J.U.L.I.E                                               800-892-0123

Nicor - Gas Services                            888-642-6748

Frontier - Telephone                            877-559-4107

Waste Management                             800-747-2278

Due diligence has been taken to provide accurate information.  However, errors, omissions and/or changes may occur.  Please notify the City Clerk of any information you know to be incorrect.  Thank you.

November, 2014