Loose Leaf Vacuuming Program Begins Monday, October 31, 2022

The City of Sandwich has announced that loose leaf vacuuming will begin the week of October 31st and continue through the month of November. City crews will come through the entire City once per week and vacuum leaves that have been raked to the parkway as close to the curb or street as possible.

To take advantage of this convenient service, rake loose leaves to the parkway as close to the curb or street as possible. Do NOT put brush or limbs in leaf piles as it will damage the equipment. The City will not be accepting bagged leaves this season. City crews will vacuum the leaves once a week, weather permitting. Keep the area in front of leaf piles clear, as they will not be picked up if crews can’t reach them.

The schedule is as follows:

    Monday: Ward 1 (except Sandhurst)

    Tuesday: Ward 2 (except Fairwinds)

    Wednesday: Ward 3

    Thursday: Ward 4

    Friday: Sandhurst and Fairwinds

Last year's program was a success thanks in part to residents adhering to the following guidelines:

• Leaves shall be loose (not bagged) and placed as close to the street as possible.
• Leaves shall NOT be placed on sidewalks, in gravel areas, or in the street.
• No other materials shall be placed in the leaf pile, including grass, branches, landscape waste, etc.
• Please do not park cars in front of leaf piles. If crews can’t get to the leaf pile, the leaves will not be picked up.
• Please place garbage cans so they do not interfere with the leaf vacuum during pickup.
• Please contact Sandwich City Hall (815) 786-9321 with any questions.

The loose leaf vacuuming program is offered as an alternative to leaf burning. Leaf burning is allowed within the City limits, but the leaf burning ordinance will be strictly enforced by the Sandwich Police Department should residents burn the leaves outside of the ordinance restrictions. City ordinance requires that you may only burn limited amounts of paper, cardboard, dry leaves or other combustible material in wire mesh burner as long as the material is dry and does not create an offensive odor, nuisance or fire hazard due to location or wind. Dry leaves may also be burned on a driveway, garden area, or other open area. A responsible adult person must be present and attend the fire at all times until fully extinguished. The hours of burning are 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. It is unlawful to burn wet cardboard or paper, rags, feathers, wet or green leaves, green weeds or grass at any time. The burning of any material which emits an offensive odor when burned is unlawful. It is unlawful to burn any material on any of the public streets, pavements, curbing, sidewalks, parkways or alleys in the City. No leaves containing branches, brush, grass clippings, animal waste or other debris will be picked up.