2022 Brush Collection

Brush Collection will begin in April and continue in June, August & October. Brush MUST be curbside by 7 AM on Monday of a designated Ward (there will be no go-backs if you miss your day):

    Monday - October 3 in Ward 1

    Monday - October 10 in Ward 2

    Monday - October 17 in Ward 3

    Monday - October 24 in Ward 4

Ward 1 is north of 3rd Street & east of Main Street; Ward 2 is north of 3rd Street & west of Main Street; Ward 3 is south of 3rd Street and west of Main Street, and Ward 4 is south of 3rd Street and east of Main Street. Questions can be directed to City Hall at (815) 786-9321.

Acceptable brush:
- Small branches and limbs ½ inch to 4 inches in diameter that are between 2 to 8 feet in length.
- “Manageable piles” are neatly stacked branches that are all parallel to the street in piles not exceeding 4 feet in height or 8 feet in length. Branches that are parallel to the street can be picked up with the backhoe with less impact on the grass beneath.

Unacceptable items that will not be picked up:
- Brush that is tangled or not in manageable piles.
- Any brush, branches, and limbs which result from contracted services are the responsibility of the contractor to remove and legally dispose of such material.
- Grass clippings and leaves.
- Shrubs and vines with branches less than ½ inches in diameter.
- Branches and limbs that exceed 4 inches in diameter or 8 feet in length.
- Garden waste, root balls, or small plant (perennial) waste.
- Things that are not brush: construction waste, metal, garbage, etc.