Building and Engineering Department

City Building Official - Todd Steffens

The Building and Engineering Department is responsible for all permitting, zoning, code enforcement, and related issues in the City and surrounding areas over which the City has jurisdiction by law.

Building Department Documents

City of Sandwich QBS Policy and Procedures

General Information

Building Department FAQ

Building Permit Application

Applicable Codes

How to Submit and Pay for Permits

Contractor Registration and Licensing Requirements

How to Choose a Contractor

Excavation Permit Information and Application

Fence Permit Information and Application

Demolition Requirements

Demolition Requirements - Water and Sewer

Plan Review and Liability Disclaimer

Plumbing Notes - Letter of Intent, License, Water Service

Awning Signs

Permanent Sign Permit Information

Temporary Sign Permit Information

Irrigation Systems

Temporary Tent Permit

Residential Documents and Information

What Requires a Building Permit?

Residential Permit Timeline

Residential Inspection Schedule

New Home Packet

Additions Packet

Basement Remodeling

Chicken Coop Information and Application

Deck Construction Requirements

Driveway and Sidewalk Requirements - Residential

Electrical Energy Certificate

Fireplace Information

Fence Permit Information and Application

Garages - Unattached

Mailbox Regulations per City Building Code

Patio Information

Pools, Hot Tubs & Spas Packet

Residential Roofing

Residential Standby Generators

Roof Mounted Solar Panel Information

Shed Information

Non-Residential Documents and Information

Non-Residential Inspection Schedule

Non-Residential Review Checklist

Non-Residential Permit Timeline

Driveway and Sidewalk Requirements - Non-Residential

Elevator and Stair Lift Information

Fence Permit Information and Application

Fire Protection System Application

Parking Lots - New

Non-Residential Alterations

Non-Residential Roofing

Non-Residential Standby Generators

Roof Mounted Solar Panel Information

Miscellaneous Documents and Information Applicable to All Permitting

Plat of Survey Requirements

As-Built Survey Requirements

Site Plan Survey Requirements

Spot Survey Requirements

Cold Weather Requirements for Concrete

Typical Water Service Diagram