City Council Minutes

Council Meetings are available for viewing on FVTV Comcast Channel 10 at these times:

Monday @ 1PM
Tuesday @ 1AM, 4PM
Wednesday @ 4AM, 7AM, 7PM
Thursday @ 10AM, 10PM
Friday @ 1PM
Saturday @ 1AM, 4PM
Sunday @ 4AM, 7AM, 7PM

The minutes of the Regular and Council-as-a-Whole Committee Meetings are available for the public to download and view. All documents are in Acrobat .pdf files.
Regular Council Meeting Minutes will not be made available here until they are approved at the following Regular Council Meeting. Even though the Minutes available here are accurate copies of the approved Minutes, those wishing Official Records are urged to contact the City Clerk's Office. Additionally, telecasts via Fox Valley TV Public Access are not considered the Official Record of the City Council. The only Official Records of the City Council are the Minutes as approved by the Council.

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